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Stranded Without a Phone Walkthrough

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:47 pm    Post subject: Stranded Without a Phone Walkthrough Reply with quote

The First Week

This is going to be the most difficult period of your which if you survive this period, you will most likely survive everything.

In this period, you have no medicine to fall back on. Injuries with a total of more than two boar bites/ jellyfish stings in a day will kill you, and finding flowers fast enough to alleviate your physical injuries is unlikely without long-term planning.

Safe sources of food and water is another conundrum you will be facing in this period of your life. Axe injuries are just as serious and boar bites and jellyfish stings- thus, coconuts are not a viable option unless you have a small boulder and sharp rock on hand at all times.

This transitory period is your most dangerous- but most fun and thrilling period. Even veterans who are unlucky enough fall to a combination of injuries.

Day 1

Go to your search options and un-check everything except for flowers and small boulders, because the sooner you get medicine, the safer you are, and because you need a camp site as fast as possible. Scout in the border of the sea (DO NOT GO INTO THE WATER UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH) for fishing spots. You will eventually find one- there is a 100% chance of one appearing everyday. The first fishing spot will be your campsite.

By the time you find your fishing spot, you should have 6 small boulders (if you don't, just walk in the sand a lot). Make a campsite, and if flowers you have dropped are nearby, go back, retrieve them and place them around your campfire. While you are doing this, turn on the search for sticks and dry grass and walk in the grassy areas on the way to said flowers. Don't forget to note where your campfire is on the map, getting lost is not something you can survive.

Make a small fire (you should have at least one stick left over) and walk around the sand in search of more small boulders and rocks. Store the left-overs around your campfire, and make a spear (one sharp rock and stick). Go to the fishing spot and make three fish. Cook them and store them (cooked foods last three days) and scout out a net weaving spot (screen with four or more grasses in view). Search for another small boulder so you can safely crack open coconuts for a tiny amount of nutrition and hydration (coconut halves can be eaten by dragging to the top-right box). If you want, make an axe, though you probably won't need it till later.

MAKING A NET IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL- try and make as many net pieces you can before dark. You should have at least three before the night ends.

Remember to eat your three fish and sleep next to your camp-fire.

Day Two

Finish your net. Congratulations, you now have 5 more inventory spaces and you can now catch five fish per fishing spot. Scout out another fishing spot (be patient, you will find one) and make five fish. Avoid boars and water at all costs. Cook your fish and store them for later, now is the time to make another net.

With your higher amount of inventory spaces, this should be much easier. Making nets get easier and easier the more inventory spaces you have, so you should finish the net by the end of the day. Eat just enough to fill you, and crack coconuts for hydration (don't use axes to do so).

Day Three

Find Fish. Repeat. Make another net. Three nets is the optimal number before you can start the real fun stuff-by then you should have gathered enough flowers to have medicine to fall back upon. While you are making another net, make a bow and search for feathers. If you're lucky, you will be full of feathers (which are mostly found in the sand).
If you have time afterwards, gather as many rocks and small boulders as you can, combine sharp rocks with small boulders to make arrow-heads. Search grassy areas for sticks and voila- two feathers, one arrow-head and a stick makes an arrow!

Make as many as you can before the day goes out, although less efficient players might want to create arrows a day later.

Day Four- To End of Week 1
Three arrows is enough to go boar hunting because you usually get your arrows back after you shoot them. You get better by 5% every time you shoot at a boar, so progress is rather fast.

During this period, thanks to your greatly improved inventory slots, don't be afraid to pick up all things you find washed up on the beach. If you find a bucket or metal bowl early, rejoice because you don't have to drink from coconuts anymore.

You now have a choice between boar and fish, and thus have a stable food source. If you've made it this far, the rest of the game shouldn't be too hard for you.

TIP: Never eat from lemon trees, you need it later for batteries and they never grow back. Also, perma-turn up your search for the elusive zinc (and maybe copper). Store all unneeded items around your camp-fire, maybe spruce your camp up with lean-overs and dew-catchers.
Use leathers to make large pouches (take extreme care not to accidentally make useless water skins or small pouches) which are much more convenient to make than nets.
Also, medicine is very important.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If I may add some tips:

Whenever it rains, place all containers that are capable of holding liquid onto the ground. They will automatically fill with fresh water within seconds. You can use coconut halves as water containers, which are readily available. Dew catchers also fill with fresh water within seconds, so any of those things are a quick source of fresh water that you can store forever.

Don't eat all the berries you find. Save some to plant new bushes. The harvest cycle of a berry bush is several rainfalls, but you end up getting 10 berries with each harvest, so you can see the potential to multiply your berry supply a lot by planting more bushes.

Anything edible (even rotten food) will lure boars to eat it if it is on the ground. Use a trail of edible items to lure boars into traps. Warning! If you want to keep your food safe from boars, don't put it on the ground unless it is in a container.
Todd M. Gillissie
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i still like playing this game from time to time and try different things to make it more challenging but I'm running short and loosing interest. Help!! there is no other game out there like this that holds my interest. We need more!!! Any insite as to whether or not you are going to design the sequel?
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