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Metal Diary: Diablerye

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 4:22 pm    Post subject: Metal Diary: Diablerye Reply with quote

Hiya. Just finished an AAR for my ultra brutal metal band Diablerye. Hope you enjoy it;). It's told from a perspective of Dave McCormack, the founder-guitarist of Diablerye. Oh one more thing- "Parental Advisory- Explicit Content"- I mean it;).

Saturday, 01.01.2000
So I met this bloke, down at the "Everet's Discount Music Store"- he tested the latest Bc-Rich. He was playin' like a goddamn Eddie van Halen, if you know what I mean? So, y'know, I went to him and asked if he wanted to join my band. Oh, by the way- e's got a silly name- Amadeus Cusler.

Amadeus 'Wolfgang' Cusler

Thursday, 10.02.2000
We been offered the first gig in our lives! Yeah- that's really cool, but we still gotta work on the songs. We haven't finished even one. Yet still- "Roy's Bar" here we come!

Friday, 03.03.2000
Hell yeah! My parents gave me 800 bucks for my band! We can spend it on booze and chicks tomorrow!

Saturday, 04.03.2000
We went to see our mates from With Noisy Night at Roy's Bar. I wish we'd played with 'em, 'coz they were just awefull.

Tuesday, 07.03.2000
Fantastic! Rebecca from With Noisy Night booked us a gig at Roy's on March 17th. Now we'll see who's got the cojones! (Us probably, 'coz she's a chick)

Friday, 10.03.2000
For fucks sake! Noone told us this a battle of the bands gig! But it went just right, we came second to Pussy Without A Thing... what a bloody dreadful name.

Friday, 17.03.2000
While on our way to the gig my cell's been ringin' all the time! Three more gigs booked! Yeah. That's something! I'm thinking about getting a vocalist and a drummer.
We didn't make a good impression on Roy, or whatever this geezer's name is. Luckily we got a gig tomorrow. If he don't like it- fuck 'im.

Saturday, 18.03.2000
Goddammit! Now there was something wrong with my guitar! I had to stop playin' and go backstage to fix it. Thankfully we had some good crowd or else we'd be booed all the way to hell.

Monday, 20.03.2000
God bless, or should I say Satan shag Rebecca- she booked us another gig.

Friday, 24.03.2000
We've played the new song "Gallows" and the public went berserk. Awesome feeling if you ask me.

Sunday, 26.03.2000
Today we auditioned a corpse-painted geezer, who called himself "Sathyr". He sung good, but beside a "diabolous" appearance and a makeup he must've been scared as hell. We might use 'im though.

Lou 'Sathyr' Bode

Thursday, 7.04.2000
Today Sathyr brought some pretty wicked lyrics and asked me wether I had some music to it. We sat and after a few hours we had a strange ballad he entitled "Quick And Painless Death As A Myth". Of the wall, 'in 'e?

Friday, 21.04.2000
I got a call from a guy who wants to manage us! I think I'll go to him and talk business.

Saturday, 22.04.2000
I went to 'im after the gig at Roy's and told 'im to start looking for dates. We've gotta manager- that's official!
Some silly fucks we're meddling with our set during the gig. Some fuck even threw beer at Sathyr, who got pissed and almost started a brawl.

Saturday, 29.04.2000
Fucking bloody hell yeah! We won the Battle Of the Bands at Roy's and we got 2 grans for it! I think this might be the time for us if we play our cards right.

Saturday, 6.05.2000
Sathyr came today with another freaky lyrics and asked for music. I had some ideas in mind but I made him change the title from "Delicous Ways Of Adolf" to "Diablerye".

Friday, 12.05.2000
On the way to the gig we bought some band shirts. Maybe someone will like 'em. Our first gig outta town. We're gonna play at Felix's Bar in Baton Rouge.

Sunday 14.05.2000
Sathyr got $500 for his birthday from 'is parents. I didn't know this selfhating motherfucker had any parents. I reckon he sprung straight from the gas chamber.

Sat., 20.05.2000
Today we had the opportunity to play a 9 song set at Roy's. It went really smooth. I gotta say- Amadeus has something against me and Sathyr...well... he's from hell but they we all might become something big.

Sun., 21.05.2000
That good-for-nothing manager of ours came today and took $400 for his services while we were asleep. Rotten bugger.

Tue., 23.05.2000
Sathyr got a hair cut! His mane is gone replaced by a mohawk. He didn't say a word about it, so we didn't ask. We sat and wrote "Spider's Wish" and "The Tower Of Ankh". This dude has some wicked ideas.

I was shocked- Sathyr smiled after a gig and said it was a really good piece of work. Maybe 'e's sick? Is it the time for some EP? Or LP even?

Fri., 16.06.2000
Another Battle Of the Bands won at Roy's. And 2 grans in our pockets. I think we oughta record something. An EP might stir the things. Our manager doesn't seem to get any contract for us. Maybe we should go to New Orleans?

Sun., 25.06.2000
Today we went to New Orleans to audition a drummer. His name is Jesse Aldrich an looks like a really nice guy. Hope we gonna stick together for a longer time

Fri., 30.06.2000
Jesse must've banged the drums really good 'coz we won a Battle at Felix's Bar in Baton Rouge.

Sat., 8.07.2000
Today we played at the club for the first time. "Eager Feeling" has been blasted to space by our fans.

Mon., 01.10.2001
We're starting a two-month-long tour today with the idea of releasing "Deadman's Glance" on October 28th.

Tue., 11.07.2000
Jesse proved to be a great songwritter too. Something clicked between us and we wrote three songs in a row. Sathyr was a bit disqusted but gave us some of his lyrics- "Crippled Book Of Lies", "On The Road To Glory" and "At The Ourskirts Of Myths" came into being.

Thu., 14.07.2000
I kicked out that rotten gonzo, our manager and hired Eric Patton from New Orleans. We might get somewhere now.

Thu., 20.07.2000
That bloody idiot Sathyr was spotted by the cops while pissing in the park. We had to pay the bail ($1,2k). I'm gonna pummel his brains in.

Tue., 1.08.2000
I bought myself a new guitar multi-effect Yamaha SPX2000. Should be great at the gigs.

Tue., 1.08.2000
Yeah! Our first gig at the theatre. We earned over $7k and played for more than 1000 people. A recording contract is what we need now.

Thu., 17.08.2000
The word on the street is that Diablerye is the next big thing. Told ya... Now all we need is a powerful bassist.

Sat., 19.08.2000
Alright- we won another Battle at Tim's Pub in New Orleans!

Tue., 29.08.2000
Sathyr and I are writting songs again. At least that's what we did. I dunno how but in some mysterious ways he learned (or taught himself) how to compose. That's why "Crow's Fly Part 1" is mostly his song. "It'll be continued" he said.

Fri., 08.09.2000
I really have no idea how he does it. But it works. Today we played "Crow's Fly" at Felix's Bar in Baton Rouge and the crowd went nuts.

Thu., 14.09.2000
Nice one. The Manager booked us a tour of 10 gigs starting October 2nd.

Fri. 15.09.2000
For fuck sake! Amadeus was arrested. I dunno how, I dunno why- Jesse called me in the morning and said he was accused of possesion. We didn't have the money to pay the bail so he went to jail. Damn you gods! Now what am I gonna do? Funny thing is Jesse and Ammy managed to write a song just before this accident. Rotten buggers. Didn't even tell me.

Sun., 17.09.2000
A friend called and told me he can get us a replacement if I can meet him at "Evert's Discount Music". I went there and he introduced me a strange redhaired freak by the name of Shane Marchand. He looks like a very small albino. We'll aucition him later.

Shane 'The Small Albino' Marchand

Sun., 24.09.2000
Shane turned out to be quite a nice guy actually. We're rehearsing for the tour.

Fri., 29.09.2000
We have just signed a record contract with Stiff Dust Records for releasing a full album. Fame, here we come.

Mon., 02.010.2000
Yep- today's the big day. We're in Dallas an about to perform. Hope it goes well.

Tue., 03.10.2000
The gig went peachy fucking creamy. Today Waco, Texas.

Wed., 04.10.2000
We had a little car bump during the way to Houston but it turned okay.

Mon., 09.10.2000
The tour is going nice but Sathyr and Jesse can't get along which makes me worried. Thankfully Shane isn't protesting, shouting or casting an evil eye- he's just enjoying himself. Baton Rouge today.

Sat., 14.10.2000
The last show on "Diablerye On Tour". The whole idea was great. Now to the recording studio!

Mon., 16.10.2000
We have started recording at Edward's Studio here in Lafayette. I was pretty amazed 'coz it turned out that Shane knows some stuff about twiggling the nobs on the control board. A good transfer I might say.

Thu., 19.10.2000
Fucking Sathyr was caught smoking pot on the sidewalk (what did you expect you fucking arse?!). So he "borrowed" some money from our account. We are 2k lighter. Why do I always get such news as the last person?

Sat., 28.10.2000
We've just finished recording. Damn exhausting if you ask me. Hope it's worth something.

Sun., 29.10.2000
"Diablerye" was released yesterday. Goddamn- touring is really more fun than fucking around with all those album troubles.
It debuted at #157 with over 2k copies sold overnight.

Mon., 30.10.2000
Halloween. We weren't partying at all- Sathyr amazed me once again (bloody hell- I have become a person that's really easy to amaze) when he came with the second part of "Crow's Fly". I invited Shane to help us with it. Came out pretty good.

Fri., 03.11.2000
Some guy from Los Angeles by the name of Gunther phoned me and proposed. At least that's what I thought at first but it turned out he wanted to be out manager. I'll think about it.

Sun., 05.11.2000
"Diablerye" climbs 31 positions. That's good, 'in it?

Mon., 06.11.2000
Today we've played for over 2k people at the theatre. That's really a good feeling. And we're on tour again.

Sat., 11.11.2000
Bastard bollocks! Phonecalls from dawn till dusk. I thought this'd make me happy 'coz it's the managers that are calling. L.A., N.Y., Washington, even some wacko from Columbus. But it drives me mad.

Thu., 30.11.2000
Bassist Charlie "Geezer" Buttler joined the band through an ad and audition. I said to myself "Why not?".

"We just loved Black Sabbath too much"

Sun., 17.12.2000
The newboy is pretty good. But he made me notice that everybody hates Jesse. I think he's gotta go soon.

Mon., 18.12.2000
Okay- Jesse is out of the band and we brought Sean Woodward to replace him. We'll see what'll come of it. Jesse didn't forget to rob us of his share of profits, the bloody bastard.

"Ward your wood, Sean"

Mon., 08.01.2001
We're in L.A. I dunno how but we got here. And already 6 gigs booked! That's something. We need to talk business with all those manager guys. Turns out we are more popular here than in Louisiana.
I fired Patton- Lou Reynolds from L.A. is our new manager. Hope that gets us somewhere.

Sat., 20.01.2001
I'll be damned- Reynolds is a genius! Already he booked us three times more gigs than his predecessor but also he gave us the opportunity to play at the Nathan Chapman Arena February 14th. What a cracker!

Sat., 03.02.2001
We've painted our tour van. Flame on!

Sat., 10.02.2001
This is great. Our new manager booked us a biiig tour. 31 gigs on the west coast.

Mon., 12.02.2001
Bloody fucking yes! That's what I've been waiting for. Today we're playing at Nathan Chapin Arena in LA! As a support before The Emerald Lows and The Statement. But it counts still! 24k people at your feet- helluva feelin'!

Thu., 15.02.2001
Well- that's that for Geezer. It appears he didn't pay his alimony and evaded the court. The nice policemen came and took 'im before we could do anything. Hmmm.... we used to cope without a bassist- I'm sure we'll be okay.

Tue., 20.02.2001
Today we went to "Julian's Deluxe Music Shop" and bought some really good stuff- a new PA for me and Shane, new mics for Sathyr.

Sun., 25.02.2001
I'm beginning to think choosing Sean as the drummer might've been a mistake. Nobody likes 'im... maybe it's just the way every drummer is...

Fri., 02.03.2001
We're playing arenas from now on.

Fri., 20.04.2001
I asked our manger to book a tour around Louisiana. And I decided that'll be the final tour for Sean. Nobody gets along with him anymore.

Fri., 1.06.2001
Okay. The tour ended yesterday. Twas pretty nice I guess. I think it's time to say "Goodbye Sean" and "Welcome new drummer... and bassist probably".
I checked the ads and then we auditioned so many guys I can't remember their names and faces. There were two guys that sounded nice- Jason "Stich" Abner and Daryl Gilligan. Think we'll give 'em a next try tomorrow.

Sat., 02.06.2001
We had to vote. Me amd Shane Sathyr chose Stich but Sean could not agree for it. Sathyr said 'e doesn't care. Anyways- Stich is in the band and I don't care what Woodward thinks.

"Just a few stiches.... ooops"

Tue., 05.06.2001
Lou had checked contract opportunities for us for the past few weeks. And 'e's done a bloody good job. We've signed Moral Trick Records from NY. We have to record the tracks due to November 27th.

Fri., 06.06.2001
I gave Sean Woodward the boot. He took over $75k and left us cursing. We auditioned a load of guys in LA. But at the end we let a guy named Tony Demarco join us. He seems like nice person.

Tony 'Soprano' Demarco

Sat., 16.06.2001
Today was the first gig with Stich and Tony on board. In the same place we started- Roy's Bar. It was good. Real good.

Sun., 17.06.2001
We went to New Orleans to do a bit of recording. Abe's Studios will be the best place. We've also hired a producer, Leo Harold. They say he's really good.

Mon., 16.07.2001
We've finished all the recordings. Now we'll just wait for the right moment to publish "Deadman's Glance". A tour will build our position. And by the way- we're supporting Knowledge on our tour... dammit. Some day they'll all wish to be at our gigs.

Mon., 29.10.2001
"Deadman's Glance" is out. Now we gotta tour the hardcore way!

Sun., 04.11.2001
Yeah!! Our album debuts at #76 with 20k copies sold. That's the way to do it!

Mon., 12.11.2001
The album is 24 positions higher!

Sun., 30.12.2001
Fuck yeah! "Deadman's Glance" went Gold! Can you believe it? I know I can't. a year ago we were in deep shit and now... just look at us. We're playing theatres and arenas- we get thousands at our gigs, we sold 500k copies of our album. This is the life.

Sun., 27.01.2002
Guess what- "Deadman's Glance" went Platinum! A round million copies sold over the country.

Tue., 19.03.2002
We came back to New Orleans for a couple of days break. Today Lou "The Menager" phoned me and said that "Deadman" went Doulbe Platinum. I was... I am fuckin' speechless. By the way- funny thing is... turns out we are most popular in Georgia, would you believe? How can a redneck country be so metal?

Sat., 30.03.2002
We're in Jonesboro, Arkansas. And I think we need a break. We've been touring for the past what- 6 months? And we've got two more. Luckily enough the tensions aren't rising... it's gettin' better even- Demarco stopped being an outsider, we talk like normal people. It be good for Eduardo.

Mon., 01.04.2002
I thought it was a joke (April Fools 'n shit) but it's true. "Deadman's Glance" is number one album. Finally! Two and a half million copies sold. I never thought it'd be like this.

Mon., 27.05.2002
I feel burnt out. And there's still another month of touring. The atmosphere's pretty good, but I need a break. A bigger break.

Sat., 29.06.2002
We've finished the last gig on "Deadman's Tour". Now I need a vacation.

Sat., 10.08.2002
Six weeks of sheer bliss. I think we need to look for an opportunity to play.

The Last Lineup

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 5:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nicely done!!!!!!!!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 5:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks! Very Happy
I've added a few pictures to make the thing more interesting.
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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 8:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was probably the work of those wicked sea faeries you hear about lately. Or maybe terrorists... The forum's crash I mean.

Funny thing- my PC crashed and I lost the saves and the AAR, but I just wanted to say Diablerye did some more tours, bought a few flats and recorded one more LP- "Executioner". It debuted number 1 and went mutliple Platinum in a matter of weeks.

And that's that.
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